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The role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) was introduced into practice as a response to an increase in demand for appointments and the Government promise to have access to a GP within 48 hours and a healthcare practitioner with 24 hours. ANPs maximise the role of nursing whilst including some elements of a doctor’s role. It is not intended to replace the role of a GP but merely to complement it by offering patients an alternative.

Next time you call to book an appointment think about whether it would be more appropriate for you to see an ANP. Did you know an Advanced Nurse Practitioner can see patients with conditions or problems such as: coughs, chest infections, sore throats, earache, sticky eyes, urinary tract infections, pill checks, rashes and contraception.

It may be more appropriate for you to see an ANP to treat the above symptoms. The ANP can prescribe the same medicines as a doctor but can also give general advice on how to manage your condition or illness. Our ANP’s hold specialist sessions on heart and respiratory diseases including asthma and can review medication. An ANP can also give you a general health check but cannot provide a fit note.

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